Bathroom Design

Bathroom projects are different from kitchens since the entire room is designed primarily around function, the coordination of materials and detailed for installation.   There are many elements that need to be addressed and more importantly, how those details interact not only in design, but with regards to the installation, mechanical and plumbing.

For every complete bathroom renovation, we draw a full set of production/construction & installation documents that include floor plans, mechanical and elevations of each wall.  This step is critical to properly reflect the tile layout, the height of tile boarders and accents and how they relate to other features in the room such as window trim, vanity details, location of the plumbing fixtures and center-lines.  This simple task not only details how the finished project will look like, but also effectively communicates valuable trade information and ensures a successful project.

On all projects we will return to the jobsite to verify critical dimensions and the locations of new windows, doors or walls, rough plumbing and electrical have been properly placed.  Our project management is not only the scheduling of tasks and skilled tradesmen. We will oversee the project on a daily basis and ensure that each phase is being performed on time and adheres to our design as well as standard construction practices.  Years of experience in the design and construction industry have developed and fine-tuned our systematic project management and construction process.

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