Kitchen Design

Successful kitchen design is the culmination of a process that is unique to each household and life style. It is not simply the placing cabinetry and appliances around a room. Every project begins by evaluating the overall space plan for the kitchen and how it relates to the rest of the home. We consider many details including existing architectural & structural elements, window & door placement, traffic flow, dining and storage needs, appliance selection, mechanical requirements and, of course your individual family’s life style wants and needs. Each project is uniquely detailed and designed for function and to enhance everyday life.

While design is a large part of what we do at Huntington Kitchen & Bath; it is only a single part of the services that we provide. Creating a complete, clear, concise set of drawings, annotated and detailed, clarifies communication and expectations between our design team, the homeowner and the various trades, no matter whether we provide general contracting services or you engage a separate contractor. Additionally the drawings assist in the calculation of materials and work integrally with the cabinet order process. Our cabinet orders are written and confirmed by an in-house designer who is intimately familiar with the technical details of each project and the specifications of the cabinetry line selected. Additional shop drawings are made to communicate not only with the cabinet maker, but also our specialized cabinet installers. Remember, your cabinetry is like fine furniture, you want a qualified experienced and specialized installer to take the time and with the utmost care and precision to install your cabinetry. The cabinetry production date and the construction schedule will coincide so that the so that the cabinets will arrive when the job site is ready for installation.

While we are carefully designing and crafting your kitchen project we are following the progress of the job site construction and preparations. On all projects we will return to the jobsite to verify critical dimensions and the locations of new windows, doors or walls, rough plumbing and electrical have been properly placed. Our project management is not only the scheduling of tasks and skilled tradesmen. We will oversee the project on a daily basis and ensure that each phase is being performed on time and adheres to our design as well as standard construction practices. Years of experience in the design and construction industry have developed and fine-tuned our systematic project management, design and construction process.

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