Personal Design Services

Design is more than just determining where cabinets, appliances and fixtures will be placed.  It is creating a solution to the challenges of the physical space, functional use and the interaction with the rest of the home all working within the vision of the customer to create a beautiful, functional environment that will improve and enhance your daily life.   We provide the same level of professional service and attention regardless of size or complexity.  We begin with an initial concept based on either a site visit or architectural drawings.  Once a foot print of the layout is determined, we draw elevations to show the details and features of the cabinetry, moldings, appliances and embellishments as planned.  During this process we create carefully detailed estimates for the elements that we supply.  Communication is key to managing the expectations and clarity of the project.  We want you to understand each element within your project so that you know what to expect from the performance of the products thru delivery and installation.  Our design services will typically cover kitchen/bath design, architectural space planning and/or general contracting services.  We can provide as much or as little products as you desire from just cabinetry or to complete projects including cabinetry, appliances, counter tops, tile, hardware, counter tops, millwork and installation.