Why do you need a kitchen designer?

The function of a kitchen is not solely to cook in any more.  The kitchen is the heart of the home, not only a place for cooking and food storage, but a gathering space to chat about the events of the day, to do homework, pay bills, eat a meal or simply relax over a cup of coffee.  The kitchen is one of the most often used spaces of the home and also one of the most complex and diversified.

The selection of a kitchen design professional is an important one.    A kitchen design professional will consider the kitchen space within the context of the home.  The kitchen design must integrate into a family’s lifestyle by design, selection of materials and environment it creates.  The placement of cabinetry is the very least of designing a kitchen.  It is our responsibility is to take into consideration very critical pieces such as:

a) existing architectural elements and structure
b) window and door placement
c) traffic flow
d) appliance/mechanical placement and requirements.
e) lighting placement
f) dining needs
g) storage needs
h) family and social needs
i) the impact and integration of surrounding rooms

and THEN, the cabinetry will find its suitable place. Consumers may come to a kitchen showroom and see cabinetry, but it’s about the whole of the kitchen that we are addressing, which is not really talked about, and unseen. So, to see us merely as a cabinet salesperson is very misguided. Our responsibilities extend vastly beyond cabinet sales.  Do not sacrifice design services for a lower cabinet price. If your primary criteria is price, someone is always cheaper, or at least perceived to be.

Kitchen design is essentially solving a puzzle through creative solutions.   The “pieces”; appliances, islands, focal points, traffic circulation, all need to be massaged into a design that solves the puzzle, satisfies the requirements and looks good, all at the same time.  It is the designers’ job to interpret the consumers’ wishes to create and organize a functional and beautiful space.

Your kitchen designer will manage literally hundreds of details during the design and installation process.  Problems and complications do arise, but your design professional will manage problems quickly and professionally.  Not only is it important to hire a professional so that the kitchen looks attractive but also that it functions correctly, from an technical standpoint, when installed into your home.